June 15, 2024
Fibank 2024 Sofia Tech One

Fibank 2024 Sofia Tech One

SOFIA, BULGARIA, May 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sofia Tech One office building is the most impressive and innovative project to be found in the modern business space landscape of the Bulgarian capital. The building is a multifunctional administrative and business center with a total lettable area of approximately 30,000 sq.m. It features 11 floors measuring 2,600 sq.m each and a two-level underground parking facility for over 400 vehicles.

The glass facade and the atrium in the center of the building provide ample natural light on all office floors. The comfortable and functional internal spaces feature cutting edge acoustic ceilings, double floors, 3-Pipe VRF air conditioning systems providing heating and cooling, fire protection and emergency notification systems, and the highest quality Schüco aluminum window panes. Access to the building is facilitated by 10 high speed Otis elevators equipped with smart passenger traffic management.

The building covers all class A requirements and is rated “excellent” under BREEAM standards. In addition to all necessary workplace amenities for employees, the eleven floors of Sofia Tech One are equipped with a new generation microclimate management system allowing individual settings for separate offices and rooms. This enables office space users to reduce their carbon (CO2) emissions released into the atmosphere.

Owners of the building are the proven Bulgarian entrepreneurs Ivaylo Mutafchiev and Tseko Minev. Over the years, their business acumen has helped them build internationally renowned companies. They are majority shareholder of First Investment Bank, the largest Bulgarian-owned bank and one of the top 5 in Bulgaria. After its completion, Sofia Tech ONE became the new home of Fibank and has housed its head office for 2 years now. The building still has space to accommodate more companies, although its capacity is likely to be quickly filled up due to its high attractiveness to businesses.

Assisted by the high-tech features of Sofia Tech One, Fibank is well on its way to become a role model in doing responsible and sustainable business. From 2022 on, it began to gradually shift its electric power supply to renewable sources. Currently, up to 100% of the bank’s electricity needs throughout the country are covered by “green” sources, thereby reducing its carbon footprint from daily operations and preventing around 8,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

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