July 14, 2024

Statement Of Expenses 2021-2022


College expenses consist of basic charges, special charges, other required fees and deposits, charges for books and materials, and personal expenses. The cost to students for these expenses are outlined in this section. Special charges and fees are assessed in addition to basic charges.

All students are expected to meet their financial obligations to the College prior to or at the time of registration before the late registration period begins. Student account information is made available through the College’s student information management system- Bearsden. Students may access their Bearsden accounts on-line at www.miles.edu with valid User ID and PIN number. Students who have satisfied their financial obligations each term with the College will be considered clear to register and validate their class schedules.

NOTE: The College reserves the right to change charges and fees listed without prior notice.

Students enrolled in courses totaling fewer than 12 semester hours will be charged tuition at the rate of $470.00 per semester credit hour. A charge of $470.00 is charged per semester hour of credit beyond 18 hours. Each student engaged in student teaching must furnish or arrange for his/her own transportation to and from the teaching location and for other incidental expenses. Such arrangements are subject to approval by the Coordinator of Field Experiences.

Summer Term statement of expenses will be published on the College’s website and can also be obtained by calling the College Business Office when it is released.

The cost for emergency calls to parents or guardians, special drugs and medical treatments, and for any or all expenses incurred by the College because of irregular action on the part of a student must be paid separately by each student involved. In such emergencies, expenses are charged to the student’s account for payment no later than the final payment deadline for the semester. A student may not register for the ensuing semester if a balance is outstanding, including charges assessed after the payment deadline.

Payments of all charges each semester are due and payable in advance or at registration. Where justified, the Business Office may give approval to paying accounts in accordance with the College’s installment plan which is administered through the Business Office. A student requesting an installment plan agreement is required to complete, sign, and comply with terms of said agreement. Once the student’s final balance is determined, four equal installments are calculated and payable each month during the enrollment period. An initial amount may be required to enter into a plan. Installment payments are due each 15th of the month September through December for the fall semester and January through April for the Spring semester. Failure to keep payments current may necessitate account holds and collections.

All charges and emergency loans must be paid in full before the student receives graduation permits or transcripts. Any costs incurred by the College in collecting delinquent accounts are charged to the student. Students with sufficient financial aid have an opportunity to contribute to the United Negro College Fund by authorizing a donation to be made from their account.

Orientation Fee: New applicants applying for admission are required to send a non-refundable Orientation Fee of $100.00 after he/she has been admitted to the College. This fee is a service charge covering administration, supplies, paraphernalia, and activities associated with Orientation expenses.

RE-Admit Fee: Students who have been previously enrolled (Re-Admits – students who have not enrolled for the last two consecutive semesters) are required to submit a $25.00 Re-Admit fee.

Transient Student Fee: Students who are enrolled at other institutions and want to enroll for one semester at Miles College are required to submit a $25.00 Transient fee.

Residence Hall Reservation Deposit Fee: All continuing students who anticipate residing in a Campus Residence Hall for a subsequent year must submit a $100 housing reservation fee. This fee will be applied to the student’s account for the following fall semester.

Housing Application Fee: All new residence hall occupants are required to pay a non-refundable housing application fee of $150.00 before a room assignment is made.

Late Registration: All students who fail to complete registration on the designated date at the beginning of a semester will be charged a $100.00 Late Registration Fee (The first day of class is considered the start of late registration).

Meals and Rooms: Meals are served cafeteria style in the College cafeteria. On-campus students are required to purchase meal plans and are charged $3,166 for a period of two semesters. The charge for meals is made to each resident at a semester rate of $1,583 for the first semester and $1,583 for the second semester. Apartment residents with an approved 2-semester lease will not automatically be charged for meals (apartments are furnished with stove/refrigerator). Two-semester lease applicants have the option of paying for the meal plan.

If a student moves into a room for at least one day during the first month of a semester, the total charges for room, as indicated, must be paid. All on-campus students are required to sign a housing contract with the Director of Student Housing. Students residing in Campus-based apartments/housing must sign a lease agreement. Utilities are included in the rental rate.


Residence halls officially open and close on the dates stated in the College Calendar. Residence fees and meal charges cover only the periods when the halls are officially open. The College is unable to provide special housing for students during holiday and vacation periods. The only exception to this policy will be during the Thanksgiving Holiday period but only at the discretion of the administration.


Library. This fee covers in part the use of the Learning Resources Center and a limited number of copies.

College Center. This fee covers a portion of operating costs of the Norton Student Union Building and activities held in the building during the year. Miles College students enjoy free admission to all dances and activities sponsored by the College or the Student Government Association. This fee also covers utilization of the tennis and basketball courts.

Student Athletic Activities. This fee covers free admission to all home athletic events. Students may use their I.D. Card to attend football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball games and tennis match

Lectures and Cultural Activities. This fee covers, in part, the cost of providing the College Community with visits from outstanding artists and lecturers and for other activities that contribute to the cultural and educational development of the College’s students.

Computer Center. This fee covers in part the cost of the Computer Labs located throughout the campus.

Books and Supplies. The Electronic Textbook fee is $125 per semester.

Special Examination Fee. The application fee for the administration of an examination is $25.00.

Online Technology Fee. The technology fee for Online Courses is $50 per Class per Semester.

Auditors Fee. The privilege of auditing courses is extended to any student in good standing with the consent of the Division Chair of the audited department and the Dean of Academic Affairs. Persons desiring to audit courses are required to register and pay a fee of $470.00 per course, plus a $25.00 administration fee. No credit will be awarded.


Fees include rental of cap, gown and hood. Graduation fee should be paid one month before the date of graduation and/or upon receipt of the senior graduation checklist from the Registrar’s Office.


Replacement of Identification Card $25.00
Transcript Fee
(first copy free to graduates only)
Returned Check Fee $35.00


Payments can be made payable to Miles College c/o Business Office in person, online via [email protected] or by mail. Payments should be sent in the form of money orders, cashier’s or certified checks or personal checks. Do not send cash in the mail.

Payments submitted to Miles College are applied to the student’s account for the full amount. No part of the payment made to the College is returned to the student. All overpayments are returned to the sender or applied to the next semester’s bill. The College reserves the right to refuse checks from students who have had checks previously not honored by the bank. All payments sent through the mail or otherwise should be accompanied by the name and address of the sender and the full name and student number of the student to whom the payment is intended. Students presenting checks to Miles College at Registration that are not honored by the bank and which must be collected after the normal registration period will be charged a late registration fee of $100.00 in addition to the returned check fee.


The effective date of a withdrawal and refund, if any, is the date the formal application is filed in the Registrar’s Office or in case of withdrawal by mail, the official postmark date. If a student withdraws during the semester or Summer Term, a portion of fees is refunded in accordance with the following schedule:

Tuition Refund

Withdrawal within the first week 75%
Withdrawal within the second week 50%
Withdrawal within the third week 25%
Withdrawal after the third week 0%
Withdrawal within the first 25%
Withdrawal after the first week 0%

Special Charges Refund – No Refund

The first day of the semester is the first official day of class as indicated on the College’s calendar. If a refund is due to the student under the College’s refund policy and the student received financial aid under Title IV (student financial assistance program, other than College Work-Study Program), a portion of the refund is returned to Title IV funds. See Refunds in the Student Financial Assistance section of the catalog.) The College’s refund policy is subject to change to conform to the United States Department of Education Refund Regulations.

Meal Plan Refund

If a student withdraws from all classes and moves out of a residence hall, the cost of the meal plan is prorated on the basis of the unexpired number of meals remaining to be served during the semester of withdrawal.


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