July 22, 2024

Nick Rocca (left) receives the keys to The Oval Office from former owner Brian Risinger. Risinger and his wife established the mobile restroom business in 2015. Photo contributed

Brian and Courtney Risinger established The Oval Office Mobile Luxury Restrooms, Inc. in 2015. They announced Nick and Kimberly Rocca as the business’s proud new owners. 

“The biggest thank you to Brian and Courtney Risinger for trusting us to carry on their hard work,” said Nick Rocca, CEO of The Oval Office. “The Risingers have built this business from the ground up and have prided themselves on customer service. Brian always shows up, even when it’s not his trailer or event.”

The Oval Office currently services the entire Central Valley by offering 10 mobile luxury restroom trailers as an alternative to the typical port-a-potty-style restrooms for events such as weddings, fundraisers, anniversaries, tastings, birthday parties, and more. 

Nick and Kimberly have deep roots in the Central Valley. Nick is a fourth-generation farmer who has left an impact on Fresno County’s agricultural and business communities. He has been actively involved in the Fresno County Farm Bureau and the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, where he has held roles to help shape policies and initiatives. 

His wife Kimberly owns and operates Kimberly Joy Events + Design, which brings moments to brands, businesses, and brides. She specializes in corporate events, social occasions, and weddings, all stemming from over 10 years of experience in the industry. 

The Roccas have had a history of working with The Oval Office when they had events to host, thus creating a lasting relationship with Brian and Courtney. 

Nick said that conversations about The Oval Office possibly selling were made, but it wasn’t until this February that he thought it would be a very good business decision for his and his wife’s brand. 

“Bringing a lot of the services to these big corporate events, we offer multiple different things. So after the conversation with Brian, we approached him in February and asked if he would be interested in selling his business to us,” said Nick. 

After some back-and-forth negotiation, the Roccas landed a deal that the Risingers were happy to sell. This new addition will help Kimberly Joy Events + Design reach the next level they hope to achieve. 

“We understand the importance of seamless service and creating memorable experiences. Taking ownership of The Oval Office Mobile Luxury Restrooms allows us to blend our passion for hospitality with a family-oriented approach,” said Kimberly. “As we embark on this new journey, our goal is to enhance and expand upon the outstanding reputation the Risingers have built for The Oval Office.”

The Roccas plan to grow the Oval Office Mobile Luxury Restroom brand over the next decade and years, including by expanding to new territories.

Nick said the goal is to be sold out every weekend. The Roccas have always aspired to grow to the Central Coast in the Paso Robles Wine Country region and in Scottsdale, Arizona. With Fresno’s slow time in December, January, and February, it’s a perfect time to have a busy business in Arizona.

“We are in the midst of a large number of baby boomers retiring, and so as baby boomers retire, especially in places like the Midwest –  they look for places to Snowbird,” said Nick. “They look for places to go and retire in the winter months and spend their winter months in places like Arizona. So we plan to expand in Arizona as the demographics grow for outdoor parties.”

Establishing a new business for the Roccas has been nostalgic, Nick said. Their history and deep roots in the Central Valley create more excitement as they continue to serve more people in the community. 

“We are just super excited to continue building on the relationships that Brian and Courtney Reisinger have built and growing this business to the next level, all while serving the community that we love,” said Nick. 


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