July 22, 2024

This weekly update lists new commercial construction, expansions and enlargements of more than $50,000 in Tulsa. Descriptions of work are described where listed.

Commercial building permits are provided by the city of Tulsa on a weekly basis after entities provide information on upcoming building plans.

They are listed by owner, tenant or building name. Listed cents are rounded up or down to the nearest dollar.

The Tulsa World runs this weekly list to inform readers of upcoming or planned projects. For questions, email [email protected].

24-183457 and 24-183462 — Morton Comprehensive Health, 1334 N. Lansing Ave., alterations (remodel of existing laboratory in an existing medical office building), $448,011 and $452,181.

24-180527 no entity listed — 6633 S. Memorial Drive, Unit A, addendum (awning deferred submittal), $500,000.

23-168862 — Philbrook Tandy Pavilion, 2727 S. Rockford Road, new (new, fully sprinklered, single-story multi-purpose classroom and event facility with catering kitchen. Building is Type 2B construction), $1,772,952.

24-180155 — WSB Engineering, 416 S. Utica Avenue, WSB Engineering, $2,936,395.

24-178342 — Santa Fe Crossing Vital Energy/Santa Fe Crossing, 521 E. Second St., Unit 800, alteration (either floor shell space buildout), $1,557,006.

23-156834 — Main Square Towers, 16 E. 16th St., Unit 202, alteration (about 7,100 square feet of interior improvements for Suite 202 and Suite 300) $1,633,119.

24-170970 — Phillips Theological Seminary, 755 N. Mingo Road, new (conference center and student lodging), $5,600,095.

24-184114 — no entity listed, 1120 E. Pine St., addendum, (pre-engineered structure), $990,000.

24-183009 — no entity listed, 4848 S. 129th East Ave., alteration-priority (first floor additional offices 4848 Building) $225,164.

24-182597 — no entity listed, 4538 S. Sheridan Road, addendum (requested shop drawings for precast concrete panels, associated with permit number BLDC-133084-2022) $770,000.

24-181280 — Saint Francis Laureate Psychiatric Clinic Hospital, 6655 S. Yale Ave., accessory structure (adding new entry canopy, pedestrian walkway connected to single-ambulance parking and patient transport. Pedestrian walkway will be connected at one end to administration buildings and exterior facade; other end to existing covered walkways exterior face), $377,811.

24-180503 — Reconciliation Way Apartments, 13 E. Reconciliation Way, alteration (4,000 square feet of interior renovation of existing apartments on two floors of existing building), $689,561.

24-171275 and 24-175234 — Stonehaven Villas, 8110 S. 107th East Ave., accessory structure, accessory structure (installation of parking canopies), $96,365, and (installation of prefabricated metal parking canopy over existing parking spaces), $61,949.

24-182099 — no entity listed, 10035 S. Memorial Drive, Unit 50, alteration, $274,558.

24-178582 — Summit ESP/Halliburton, 3762 S. Jackson Avenue, accessory structure, $114,720.

24-182868 — Santa Fe Crossing, 521 E. Second St., Unit 703, alteration (seventh floor shell space buildout, Vital Energy), $574,334.

24-178614 — Regent Preparatory (High) School, 8835 S. Memorial Drive, addition, (new second-floor slab in existing two-story volume space and classrooms on the first floor only. Second level to remain unoccupied for future development), $2,011,167.

24-171903 — First Pryority Bank, 12212 E. 41st Street, new (commercial bank), $3,160,637.

23-151326 — Victory Christian Athletic Facility, 7712 S. Lewis Avenue, new (indoor practice field), $9,096,474.

24-177475 — Garnett Business Park, 126 N. Garnett Road, Unit E, alteration (storage and office for Tenant 126) $240,821.

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