June 15, 2024

Travis Presley says transparency will be a key focus for him if he is elected Whitfield County sheriff. He promises to hold weekly meetings across the county when staff will update residents on what the sheriff’s office is doing and when residents can ask questions. He faces Darren Pierce, Glenn Swinney, Glenn Tate and Frank Torres in the May 21 Republican Party primary for sheriff.

Dalton Daily Citizen: Why are you seeking office?

Presley: I am seeking the office of sheriff because I have always been interested in the justice system and how I can help make it better in my town. When I grew up in this town, drugs and crime were very minimal. I hope to bring that town back. I have a lot of ideas and programs to help Whitfield County become a place that people will be proud to live in.

DDC: What makes you the most qualified candidate?

Presley: Although I have never had any experience in any type of law enforcement, I have traveled the U.S. for 43 years and have gotten to know and have worked with many different sheriff’s departments. I have gotten the chance to see firsthand the different programs that were implemented in these counties and witnessed what worked and did not work. I believe that in Whitfield County such programs as veterans assistance and youth programs will be beneficial. We must also keep our cyber technology updated to better help solve crimes.

DDC: What do you think will be the major challenges facing the sheriff’s office over the next four years and what will you do to address those challenges?

Presley: I believe that drug-related crimes are one of the major challenges that our county is facing. Here in Whitfield County the drugs are associated with homelessness and crime. To address this, I believe the county needs stricter sentences on drug-related offenses and rehab for the ones we want to get better. We must also obtain drug dogs and more law enforcement on the streets.

DDC: What are your views regarding government transparency?

Presley: I have said we need to hold community meetings once a week in different areas of the county so the people of Whitfield County can come and openly voice their opinions on what are the most important things that need to be addressed in their areas. The sheriff’s department will be responsible for giving updates on the concerns from the last meeting and any updates in the issues that may take longer to resolve.

DDC: In just a few words, what else would you like to tell the community about your background, experience, education, qualifications or why a voter should vote for you?

Presley: I believe the sheriff’s department is a business and should be run as such. In saying this, I haven’t been just given a job in the big corporate world. I have established and maintained three companies from the ground up. I have a bleacher rental company, a rodeo production company and a property rental company. I run all three companies including hiring, scheduling, booking and payroll. Under my direction and dedication these companies have grown to be million-dollar companies. The reason I believe people should vote for me is I have shown leadership, dedication and hard work. I know what it takes to be successful, and I believe I can do the same with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office.


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